San Bernardino County


Virtual CEO gave us great personal insights regarding our strengths and blind spots as leader and great insight about how our 600 employees view what we do well and where we need to improve. We would recommend VCEO because they were well organized and offered insightful evaluation of the results in small practical steps that can be implemented every day – all of which will improve the way the organization runs.

DDJ Meyers

Deedee Myers

The DDJ Myers consulting team uses QuadStrat as an organization alignment assessment. Our clients find the information in this report provides clarity on where the organization is aligned, how to best leverage their core competence and competitive advantage, and how to build on strengths for strategic and organic growth.

CEO / Tiger Woods Foundation

Rick Singer

TWF has worked with VCEO for several years. To achieve our goals, we asked Guy Greco to take our senior team through six meaningful sessions. Given all the change our organization is undertaking, Guy’s leadership development techniques have been critical to the success we are currently achieving.