LTC (ret) Nate Sassaman

Director of Leadership Programs

Nate Sassaman is a West Point graduate whose leadership skills have been demonstrated from the battlefield to the boardroom.

LTC (R) Sassaman led over 1,000 soldiers as a Combined Arms Infantry Battalion Commander in the heart of the Sunni Triangle from 2003-2004. Using the leadership lessons taught at West Point and the hard lessons on the Iraqi battlefield, Nate takes his amazing leadership experiences and develops today’s leaders and aspiring leaders at some of the largest companies and government agencies in the United States.

A West Point All-American QB, Army Airborne Ranger, decorated combat veteran, best-selling author, and seasoned leader, Nate has developed and coached thousands of executives, managers, front-line supervisors, teachers, coaches, and aspiring leaders in the past decade.

His high-energy approach, innovative group facilitator methods, and focused determination on developing his student-leaders makes for the best leadership training available.

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