Leading Millennials

Understanding and Implementing 9 Essential
Competencies for Leading and Managing Today’s Workforce

A 1-Day Interactive Workshop with Practical Techniques for Developing Successful Working Relationships with the Next Generation of Employees


71% of Millennials are NOT ENGAGED at work.
We’ll show you how to change this.

Millennials currently make up 38% of the workforce. In less than 10 years, they will become 75% of the workforce. They are changing the dynamics of the workplace.


A Big Change in Perspectives


Ⓒ Gallup Corporation

What We Cover in this Workshop

We look at the similarities and differences between the Four Generations. We also include a Self-Evaluation so that each participant can assess their current perspectives when it comes to managing and dealing with a younger workforce.


We will provide your managers with a clear, sensible program covering the 9 Essential Competencies that EVERY leader who manages Millennials MUST know.



  • Show Them the Big Picture
  • Make It Matter to Them
  • Include the Details


  • Build a Relationship
  • Be Positive When Correcting
  • Don’t Take It Personally


  • Put Their Imagination to Work
  • Create the Right Rewards
  • Be Flexible

Managing Millennials Workshop Agenda


Understanding Yourself and the Millennials

  • Background of the Millennial Phenomena
  • Understanding the Generations
  • What Makes Us Different? What Makes Us the Same?
  • The Leader’s Perspective: Successful vs. Challenged Leaders
  • The Millennial Mindset: Five Key Drivers
  • How Do Millennials Prefer to Live and Work?


The 9 Key Competencies All Managers of Millennials Need

 Vision Skills

  • Setting the Big Picture / Making it Matter to Them / The Importance of Including the Details

Communication Skills

  • Building the Working Relationships / Keeping Things Positive / Learning Not to Take Things Personally

Adapting Skills

  • Learning to be Flexible / Rewarding the Right Things / Putting Their Imagination to Work

Applying the Competencies

  • Scenario Discussions / Tools / Techniques / Planning

Putting It All to Work

  • Developing Your Millennial Leadership Plan

After Completing this Workshop, your managers will be able to:

¤  Understand the importance of relating a Millennial’s job to organizational goals.

¤  Develop effective working relationships that result in better engagement.

¤  Create a personal development plan for their Millennial employees

¤  Capitalize on the strengths and talents that are unique to Millennials.

¤  Reduce the stress and frustration resulting from generation misconceptions.

¤  Sustain a productive workforce – among all generations.

Participant Comments

It’s easy to pass judgment when you don’t know why people behave a certain way.  I now have a better understanding of the many talents and positive attributes of the Millennials.

The facilitator showed excellent command of the subject.  Very engaging.

I recommend this program be mandatory for all supervisors and above.

The biggest takeaway from me was the importance of taking the time to learn as much as I can about the Millennial generation.

This program was very informative and crucial to what I do.  I can use this information in my professional and personal life.