Customer Satisfaction


Did you know that research shows that a “totally satisfied customer” contributes 2.6 times as much revenue to an organization as a “somewhat satisfied customer”? 

Successful, service-driven organizations understand that clearly-defined service standards combined with an staff commitment to excellent service leads to a sustainable competitive advantage.  Establishing customer relationships and sustaining them over time is foundational to any organization’s success – no customers, no business.

Any successful business strategy must involve measuring customer satisfaction.  Great companies do this on a regular basis in order to understand what their customers truly value about their products and services – and, of course to quickly resolve problems that might lead to customer dissatisfaction.  Exceeding customer expectations is the key to customer loyalty.

At Virtual CEO Consulting, we include two customer feedback components not usually seen in most service surveys: 

  1. We ask your customers to rank the importance of your products and services, not just provide a performance score.  This insight into customer prioritization prevents a company from chasing low performance in areas that may be less valued by the customer;
  2. We not only obtain customer feedback, we also gather your managers and employees input so that you can compare customer perceptions with your internal perceptions.  This produces some very interesting gaps in performance assumptions and service priorities.

Why executives choose our Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • Comprehensive customer feedback process, data compilation, and reporting.
  • Customer segment analysis.
  • Developing and executing specific service improvement plans to achieve desired customer loyalty outcomes.