Corps Coaching Techniques

Two Options:  A 1-Day Workshop and a 2-Hour Webinar (see below)

For more than a decade, Virtual CEO Consulting has either provided climate surveys to the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) or we have interpreted the Inspector General and Command Climate Surveys implemented by others.  In every instance, the results were clear…  Many USACE employees are frustrated because their supervisors are not addressing the low performers on their staff.  Instead, these supervisors are simply giving more work to the top performers.  Why do they do this?  Simple.  They are uncomfortable with the communication and leadership skills that are required with their new supervisory role; and as a result they adopt avoidance behavior.

Have you considered the impact on Corps employees? 

Particularly in a time of reduced budgets and resources, Corps supervisors must have the skills necessary to confront low performers to balance the workload.  The solution is NOT to dump more work on the top performers.  Remember that these top performing employees have families and life commitments outside of the Corps.  Organizations can’t continue to ask these excellent employees to disapoint their families when other resources are sitting idle (or close to it) in the same office.

The first step to improve the situation is to remove the apprehension some supervisors experience when having to deal with an employee who has a performance problem.  For this reason, we developed the Corps Coaching Techniques (CCT) program.  This program was created in conjunction with members from the Legal, HR, and Training staff of the Corps of Engineers.

We offer the program in two formats:  A 1-day on site workshop and a 2-hour webinar.  Both options include the essential skills, techniques, and advice supervisors need.  The full day program includes role plays that provide skills application using real-time, USACE-related supervisory scenarios.  The full day also includes much more group interaction and time for questions.

Program Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of either the workshop or webinar, your supervisors will be able to…

  • Deal more effectively with the Four Employee Types by understanding and using our Achievement Potential Matrix ©.
  • Give constructive feedback in a manner that will keep the employee engaged.
  • Be more comfortable and effective when conducting performance reviews.
  • Use the Counseling Road Map to keep the counseling process on track, increase supervisor confidence, and achieve productive outcomes.
  • Transition effectively from being a technically competent employee to being an effective leader.
  • Deal effectively with difficult employee types.
  • Eliminate unnecessary employee HR, Legal, or HR complaints and union grievances.
  • Use our Discussion Planner and Counseling Planning Guide to prepare for an employee performance counseling session.
  • Recognize and sustain excellent performance.
  • Develop their “up and coming” performers (the next generation of top performers)
  • Practice application of the skills using USACE-related Role Play Scenarios. (full day workshop)
Program Content 1-Day On-Site Workshop 2-Hour Webinar
Understanding and using The Achievement Potential Matrix© to identify and deal with the Four Employee Types.
How to give constructive feedback – Understanding the basic principles to keep the employee engage.
Using the Counseling Road Map to keep the process simple and increase supervisor confidence.
Using the Discussion Planner and Counseling Planning Guide to prepare for an employee performance counseling session.
Recognizing and Sustaining excellent performance.
Complete Program Workbook with all course information.
Class Interaction – Spontaneous questions regarding employee situations and group discussion.
Skills Application Practice:  USACE-related Role Play Scenarios.


Corps Coaching Techniques (CCT) Options and Costs

Over 500 Corps managers and supervisors have attended our 1-day workshop.  This is a very comprehensive full-day program that covers all of the essential supervisory skills and allows ample time to practice these skills during the session.  The 2-hour webinar option will save valuable time and money by eliminating the need to travel. You can enroll your supervisors in one of our open webinars or schedule a “private group” webinar and enjoy additional savings.  Whichever option you chose, you will get all the tools, skills, techniques and materials at an an excellent value.

Options Benefits Retail Price USACE Price
Full 1-Day Onsite Workshop Includes all of the program components listed above with skills application practice (role plays).Advantage of class interaction, questions, case studies, etc.  $495 per attendee  $350 per attendee
2-Hour Webinar – Open Enrollment Includes the essential skills covered in the 1-Day program.A quick, convenient process at a fraction of the travel costs.Use your corporate credit card for easy enrollment.  $250 per attendee  $199 per attendee
2-Hour Webinar – District Private   (Up to 10 attendees) Further cost savings over open webinar.A private webinar for just your supervisors.

You get to pick the date that is convenient for your supervisors.

In advance of the webinar, we can identify and discuss specific issues relating to your organization.

 Not offered  $1750 for all 10 attendees
2-Hour Webinar – District Private   (Up to 20 attendees)  Same as above but with an increased 25% discount.  Not offered  $3000 for all 20 attendees
Personal 1-on-1 Coaching Support Calls During this 1-hour call, we learn more about the supervisor’s specific employee situation so that we can target our coaching and advice for their particular circumstances.  This is an excellent way to further ensure your investment.  $195 for 1-hour call  $150 for 1-hour call


If you have questions about the Corps Coaching Techniques workshop or 2-hour webinar, please contact us at (310) 569-4576, or complete our brief Contact Form:  (Click Here)

What our attendees are saying…

Our Corps Coaching Techniques program continues to produce positive, performance related results for hundreds of Corps managers and supervisors. Here are just a few sample comments from our particpants:

Great course. This was time well spent. An excellent program for managers and supervisors.

Wish I had taken this course years ago. Very beneficial. Should be mandatory for all supervisors.

This is one of the best programs I have ever attended.

These skills are part of the responsibility of any supervisor or manager. Very helpful program.

My boss needs to attend this course. 

This was a very worthwhile course.  We would benefit greatly if all managers took these lessons to heart.  Thank you so much for teaching this class.