Board Effectiveness


We provide best practice diagnostics and advisory services with a focus on board effectiveness.  Whether it Sarbanes-Oxley, or other board related regulations, our process supports the the needs of organizations that are committed to board effectiveness.

Our VBoard assessment evaluates the core disciplines of any Board.

Specific areas covered within the assessment include:

  • Board Composition
  • Board Committees
  • Board & CEO Compensation (not included in the Nonprofit Edition)
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Procedures
  • Board Interaction
  • Board Information
  • Board and CEO Effectiveness

Developed utilizing primary and secondary research, VBoard assessment reflects the latest in governance best practices. In addition to a series of comprehensive charts and tables, the complete set of reports features a “Board Performance Index” and “Report Card”.

Why boards choose Virtual CEO Consulting Group:

  • Establish current baseline of board’s performance
  • Identify critical gaps in key areas of board effectiveness
  • Determine the balance of competencies and experiences among Board members
  • Measures degree of alignment among board members
  • Measures level of awareness of key board responsibilities
  • Provides educational program for board members’ continuous education
  • Enables boards to quantify their interaction and effectiveness as a board
  • Complies with board self-assessment requirements