Leadership Performance 360

QuadLead is a unique 360 assessment that clearly identifies the attributes that will help an individual become a more effective leader. This assessment combines the categories of Leadership Competence and Leadership Character into a very effective and comprehensive tool. QuadStrat was developed based on the insights and lessons learned from the world’s greatest leaders.

Developed utilizing primary and secondary research, QuadLead reflects the latest in leadership best practices. As with all of our tools, this online assessment has been designed with practical business application in mind. The complete set of reports features a “Leadership Performance Index” which will provide the overall leadership effectiveness scores as perceived by Self, Boss, Peers, and Direct Reports. The unique “Report Card” feature clearly indicates the leader’s Capabilities and Constraints as perceived by each of these evaluating groups.

The QuadLead Leadership Performance 360 Model

Leadership Competence

What a Leader Does

  • Vision & Strategy
  • Job Competence
  • Industry Knowledge
  • Communication Skills
  • Leading Change
  • Execution

Leadership Character

Who a Leader Is

  • Leadership Image
  • Developing a Following
  • Judgment/Decision-Making
  • Ethics/Character
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Building Teams

HOW Consultants use QuadLead:

  • Develop Leadership Effectiveness throughout an organization
  • Coach executive clients – using the QuadLead Resource Guide
  • As a solution to leadership problems identified with the QuadStrat assessment
  • Executive education
  • Management development
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Continuous learning

WHY Consultants use these Assessments:

  • An outstanding leadership 360 tool at an unprecedented price – Keep more of what you earn
  • No certification or training costs
  • Less time gathering data – More time on solutions
  • An outstanding marketing tool