About Us


Our Vision

Organizations will prosper because managers at every level understand and enthusiastically embrace their leadership responsibilities, resulting in an engaged, high-performing workforce


Our Values

Have a positive impact on every leader we teach. Give our clients more than they expect. Leave a legacy of real success.


Virtual CEO is uniquely qualified to succeed due to the following reasons:

Virtual CEO has worked with over 5,000 leaders in both public and private organizations. We go beyond Knowledge Transfer (teaching leadership topics) to Organizational Transformation (making a lasting difference within the organizations we serve). We use smart, convenient tools and assessments make our programs real, entertaining, and highly effective.


People remember and talk about our sessions.

Based on participant evaluations of our programs, 100% our attendees would recommend our Leadership Development Programs to their peers. 100% of our attendees indicate that they understand how the leadership subjects covered in our programs relate to their current jobs, their professional development, and organizational success.

Understanding this alignment between personal and organizational benefit is essential.

We have taught and mentored leadership skills for the following industries: Government Agencies (Federal, State, and County), Corporations, Financial Services Firms (Banks and Credit Unions), Non-Profits, Churches and Ministries, and Educational Organizations (Universities and K through 12 School Districts).

Our experience as a company started in 1998.

We are identified in the industry as providing senior managers with a constructive forum to present their views in order to arrive at the consensus necessary to develop and execute strategic plans leading to desired outcomes.

We are very proud of our deliverables.

We provide dedicated, effective Executive Coaches who emphasize the engagement and interactive involvement of the workforce. Finally, our professional consultants, facilitators, and coaches are second to none. When you participate in a Virtual CEO leadership development of strategic planning session, you can be confident that your session leader is a seasoned, “been there, done that” professional with a real track record of leadership success.




Virtual CEO was founded in 1998.

We are a Leadership Development and Strategic Planning and Execution firm. Our Leadership Development process starts with the senior team.Involving the senior executives of an organization is necessary to set the foundation for modeling the leadership behaviors the organization intends to promote and solidify.

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, tell us that the two most important factors affecting an organization’s culture are (1) who gets rewarded and promoted, and (2) the behaviors of the senior executives. Our Strategic Planning and Executive process begins with fact-based, real-time data, including “the brutal facts”.


We facilitate an energetic, interactive planning session resulting in key Areas of Focus, related Actions, and outcome-based metrics. We focus on execution. The strategic plans we help clients develop do not wind up collecting dust on a shelf.

Virtual CEO and its partners serve clients throughout the United States and several countries on 6 continents.